Speed Controller Speedy-2 with Microcontroller PIC16F84-04/SO




- Features

- Circuit diagram

- Download speedy2.zip ("speedy.zip"  27. 1. 2001)
(PS, PDF and Eagle files, partlist, instructions, source-code, hex-file)


'Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50 und GSview' (gsv27550.exe) to print ps-files you can get at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ .

The controller is a prototype and works well in my plane with 7 cells and a Graupner-Speed 600.

See my
PIC16F84-page for programming information.


cover Book Description

Experienced electronics hobbyists and electronic engineers can put their spare switches and resistors to work while constructing any of several projects: active filters, a stereo preamplifier, a surround sound system, a speaker system, bipolar power supplies, an infrared remote control, a DC motor speed control, an electronic scorekeeper, a brain wave monitor, a car anti-theft system, a backup battery for computer-equipped cars, and a digital voltmeter. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


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