Slow Servo

Realistic flap and landing gear actuation.

This circuit slows the speed of a conventional proportional servo.
It regulates the time required for full servo rotation from 1 to 10 seconds without any reduction in the servo's torque, and every servo position is possible (proportional).

It is suitable for:

and more.

The circuit

is very simple because it uses a microcontroller.

Dimensions: 20 x 13 mm
Power Supply: 2,7 - 6 V (4 cells) 

Set-up is also very simple.
First program the controller with the file "goslow.hex".

1. Setup servo speed

2. Setup servo starting position

Project Download (4. 2. 2000, goslow.hex, Eagle Files)

For programming informations and programmer software please visit my AVR programmer page

LMH-110 and other helis with fixed pitch and brushless motors:

You can use the circuit above to smooth quick stick movements causing gearing problems.
Please write an e-mail, if you are interested.
I'll send you the hex file and information about using it.


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